Entry #1


2007-10-06 19:45:31 by kirerik

I'm still working in Nin-4's serie


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2007-11-10 01:06:59

wow, this really sucks. not you, but look! nobody has done anything with NIN-4: chapter 1! no comments, just under 450 views? that was a good movie, even if it did get washed away. the 5 ppl who did review really liked it, average 9/10. someone's gotta get this movie noticed.


2008-06-23 15:52:41

Keep that up! The humor is fantastic.

Y si quieres podría ayudarte en la traducción, pues hay varios errores en inglés :p


2008-06-24 03:13:12

yeah that was fun and, though simple, i would say it was still well animated and illustrated

good luck with your next one